High Class High

Created as part of the 2013 Something Awful GameDev Challenge VIII, High Class High is a Subversive Edutainment High School simulation. You play a high school student with just 10 days to get straight-As or end up in military school. To keep your grades up, you must go to class and answer trivia questions. If you think books are for chumps, you can go hang out in the bathroom instead, where you’ll find a DopeWars-style contraband minigame, and invest your profits into buying test answers.

Play it on the web here (Unity plugin required), or download for Windows.

You can also check out the full source code on GitHub.

Developed as part of Team Orc Fire Blade Storm Night Lightning Fire Rainbow Team:
Ben Sarsgard (programmer)
Joanna Barnum (artist)
Mike Callahan (producer)

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