Black Rock Tickets

Black Rock Tickets began as a ticket system for the Playa del Fuego regional Burning Man event. After many attempts to use third-party ticket vendors, we decided none of their systems were as useful as the simple home-brew system we had created. Since it’s served us so well, we’ve decided to open up the system for other events to use, as well.

While the main purpose of BRT is to make a ticket system available to other regional Burning Man events, we’re happy to share it with anyone and everyone who only needs a simple elecronic ticket sales system, without the cost or hassle of the big ticket vendors.

If you’d like us to host ticket sales for your event, or have a question about buying tickets here, please let us know.

Black Rock Tickets is not affiliated with the Burning Man organization or Black Rock City, LLC.

How it works:

  • Purchaser buys a ticket online and pays electronically
  • A barcode is issued, along with a customizable document which can display a liability waiver printed along with it, or simply custom artwork
  • Optionally, the purchaser is emailed an electronic copy of the event survival guide
  • At the event, the purchaser brings the printed out barcode, which is then scanned
  • If the barcode is valid and has not yet been used for entry, a success message is displayed
  • If invalid or already used for entry, an error message is displayed with any relevant data (such as date and time of prior entry)
  • The scanning station tracks all entry data and times, which may be later uploaded for analysis

Visit Black Rock Tickets.
Visit the BRT demo site.

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